Capacitor Banks


Quality Power undertakes turnkey installations of Capacitor Banks for Utilities & Industries.
We provide the system study and complete engineering with package along with our superior
The capacitor banks are normally consists of –

  • Capacitor Cans mounted on structures
  • Reactors
  • Switchgear
  • Instrument Transformers
  • Control & Protection panels.
We undertake systems up to 220kV for shunt capacitor banks. We also provide mechanically switched capacitor banks.

Capacitor banks also form the integral part of Static Var Compensators (SVC) system. Please visit SVC section of this website for details of SCV system.

Metal Enclosed Capacitor Banks

Metal enclosed capacitor banks are compact and encompass the system requirements in a lower installation footprint. Metal enclosed capacitor banks are available for system from 400V to 3600kV. Low voltage banks are typically power factor correction banks with a detuned reactor.

They are switched either by conventional contactors or thyristors. Quality Power through endoks can deliver a wide range of solutions for the LV Filter with our thyristor modules.

The medium voltage banks are normally breaker switched automatic power factor panels or fixed tuned or detuned filter banks. If the filters are large, reactor enclosures are segregated from the main capacitor bank to isolate the heat.
Quality Power Manufactures metal enclosed capacitor banks upto 33kV in IPxx configuration. The banks are customer designed and custom build to even out the heat flow and avoid hotspots. The banks have been designed with conservative electrical and magnetic clearances to ensure a reliable, safe and compact banks.

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