Capacitor Inrush Current Limiting Reactor


Damping Reactors are used generally in series with the shunt capacitor bank for limiting the capacitor Inrush current, limit the outrush current during close in faults or adjusting capacitor switching and / or Detune the capacitor bank.

Though voltage across the reactor is low during normal condition, switching may cause considerably higher transient voltages at resonant frequency of Reactor & Capacitor combination.
The Reactor rating varies from 0.2% to 13% for various applications. They are used in Line side or neutral side depending on the application involved. The reactor is designed to withstand the short circuit current. They are primarily used in Power Factor Correction systems and application where capacitor discharge current needs to be limited.

Discharge reactors are used in the bypass/ discharge circuit of high voltage power system series capacitor bank
applications to limit the current under fault conditions.
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