Converter Transformers


One of the main differences from other types of transformers is the higher secondary current with high harmonics due to the distorted waveform. The converter to the transformer causes the distorted current waveforms. This has to be considered as distorted current leading to higher losses & temperature rise in the transformer.
The transformer is designed to feed the full load requirement in spite of the presence of harmonics in the circuit due to converter load. There are additional load losses due to the presence of harmonic currents in windings. High leakage flux is produced by these harmonics. The stray flux due to these harmonics causes additional stray and eddy losses not only in the winding conductors but also in transformer tank and steel structure. These losses cause local hot spots. To overcome such occurrence requires proper selection of winding conductor, provision of suitable magnetic shield, directed oil flow for effective cooling along with additional cooling equipment. There may also be special requirements regarding tolerances on the transformer short circuit impedance because this impedance influences the efficiency of the electrolysis process.

Thus, converter transformer designing requires immense expertise. Quality Power has a transformer design experience for about 135 man-years. Hence, Quality Power can provide optimized solution on Converter transformers.
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