Dry Type Transformers


Dry type transformers which cool by air ventilation provided excellent, low-heat service in small enclosures and indoor situations were oil leakage could cause a fire or significant environmental hazard. Clearly, a system without these threats offers enhanced safety for indoor application.

Dry type transformer will typically incorporate a design with greater internal clearance to allow for better heat dissipation. The transformer can be close to the load, minimizing secondary line losses. The dry type transformers also reduce maintenance. The dry type transformers are used in industries, Oil & Gas installations and commercial buildings where reliability and safety are mandatory.

Quality Power manufactures Vacuum pressure impregnated type transformers up to 33kV, 3 MVA for both distribution and special applications.

There are various accessories for dry type transformers like:
  • IPxx Enclosures
  • Tap Changers
  • Digital monitoring & protection equipments
  • Switchgears & Lighting protections.
  • Cooling fans
  • "SMART" SCADA compatibility

Quality Power is a global OEM of Dry type transformer of various multinationals for their Oil & Gas Verticals.

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