Earthing Transformers


Earthing transformers are used to create a neutral point in a three-phase system, which provides possibility for neutral earthing. The earthing can be through an arc-suppression reactor, a neutral earthing reactor or resistor or direct.

The design can be a transformer with just one winding, which is zigzag connected. The zero sequence impedance of such a winding is normally quite low, but it can be increased if the purpose is to limit the current through the transformer in case of an earth fault somewhere in the system. Figure shows the connection

It is possible to provide the earthing transformer with a secondary winding for continuous auxiliary station supply.

Earthing transformers are designed to withstand the thermal and mechanical effects of the rated neutral current. The characteristic of earthing transformer should be selected to match the property of the system & Quality Power can provide the assistance to obtain optimal solution.

Earthing transformers are usually oil immersed and may be installed outdoor. In cases where a separate reactor is connected between the transformer neutral and earth, the reactor and the transformer can be incorporated in the same tank.

Quality Power Manufactures Earthing Transformers up to 66kV as per, IEC60076 and various national standards.

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