Quality Power , Endoks Energy Systems & T4e (Technology for Efficiency) Turkey provide efficient & innovative solutions for renewable energy systems.
We are providing unified, flexible & innovative software solutions for monitoring & control of processes & systems, from Generation to utilization of electrical energy. Not only for HV & MV, but also for LV systems. It is now so easy to operate your systems & to make right decisions on-time with our software solutions having monitoring, analysis & advance reporting of energy efficiency & power quality parameters.
INAVITAS is very effective tool in electrical energy market to reduce costs, increase efficiency and to utilize resources better. INAVITAS word comes from combination of two latin words “Navitas” & “Innovatio”, which denote to energy & innovation respectively. Thus Inavitas aims at being the name of innovation in energy market software with its unique features.

Innovations of Inavitas :

  • Device and platform independent structure
  • Infrastructure that supports all common industrial communication protocols
  • Oriented to the needs of each sector, flexible and results-oriented structure
  • Advanced data analysis facilities
  • Customizable reporting and manageable infrastructure
  • Accordance with the relevant regulations and standards of technical quality monitoring system
  • Device independent and flexible structure for expansion
  • Modbus / RTU, Modbus / TCP, DNP 3.0, SNMP, and so on IEC for many protocols

Flexibility with Inavitas :

Innavitas is modular software providing very high flexibility to users. Customer can opt for any of the  modules or all modules based on the need --

  • Inavitas T&D : Automatic meter reading, power quality monitoring / control, analysis of energy efficiency & demand / generation forecast tools for transmission & distribution.
  • Inavitas Wind : Monitoring, analysis, optimization and reporting tools for wind power plants.
  • Inavitas Meteo : Data collection, storage, verification, analysis & reporting tools for wind & solar power measurement systems.
  • Inavitas Solar : Monitoring, analysis, optimization and reporting tools for solar power plants
  • Inavitas Flex : Simple, cost-effective, web-based monitoring, analysis & reporting tools for all low-scale energy consumers.
  • Inavitas PQ : Monitoring & control of power quality & energy efficiency at industrial facilities.

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