Harmonic distortion is present in most electrical systems to a greater or lesser degree with the harmonics being generated due to the presence of non-linear loads such as arc furnaces, variable speed drives, UPS and switched mode power supplies with highest number of disturbing loads typically connected at low voltage whilst the highest harmonic distortion producing loads connected at medium voltage.

Harmonic Currents flow in the negative sequence causing heating and insulation failure of electrical apparatus. Electrical arc furnace introduces harmonics to a great extent. Power electronic controlled motor drives, converters, inverters, magnetic circuits, gas filled lamps, induction furnace etc. produce harmonics of various orders.

All types of industries connected with steel and other metals, cement, chemicals like caustic soda, textiles, metallurgy, tyre, paper, refineries, heavy engineering and many other products consume large power and release harmful harmonics to the grid. Railway is not an exemption with high power electric locomotives controlled by power electronic components. Harmonic currents are superimposed on the fundamental current and they are of multiple frequencies of fundamental current.
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