Mergers & Acquisitions


Quality Power is a Growth oriented organization and believes in the maximum return to the stakeholders of the company ie, Employees, Customers, Suppliers and Shareholders (exactly in the same order).

While in the pursuit of Growth and Happiness of the company and its stakeholders, we are open to both organic and inorganic growth. Quality Power has proven success in its M&A operations of its 5 operating companies in Asia and Europe.
We are open to more such alliances and partnerships in the field of Electrical Engineering Products and Related services or in merger with likemindedcompanies. On the M&Afront, we are more focussed on companies working on path breaking technologies rather than commodities and working in markets where we can expand our sales footprint. We also focus on companies with similar values and culture that understand the working our stakeholders.
To understand more about our policies in this regards, you can write to us at
Corporate (@) qualitypower (dot) co (dot) in

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