Power Transformers


Quality Power has a transformer design experience for about 135 man-years. With superior design technology & expertise, we manufacture Power Transformers up to 66kV, 20MVA.
Transformers are manufactured & tested in accordance with International standard IEC 60076 / IS 2026.

The cooling methods are ONAN or ONAN / ONAF. Tapings can be provided as per customer requirement with ON LOAD / OFF LOAD tap changer.
Robust Tank with high quality surface coatings (sandblasting, galvanizing, primer & paint coatings) ensures long corrosion free outdoor installations.

Standard accessories include oil level indicator, filling & drain valves, Earthing terminals, lifting lugs, Jacking pads, Rating plates, Silica Gel breather, Buchholz relay, Top oil thermometer.

Additional accessories can be fitted as per customer’s specifications.

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