As a group, Quality Power believes in continues product development and process improvement for
survivability and hence a significant part of our revenue ( about 4-5%) is ploughed back into

Quality Power through its own strengths and technological expertise have developed its own
products without any external collaboration.

In the Power Products division, there is a continues effort to build larger ratings at a economical
footprint. One of the main emphasis in process improvement apart from reducing cycle time of
reducing carbon footprint. Quality Power over the last few years have developed equipments up to
800kV systems.

In the Power systems division, we have successfully developed and installed large SCADA systems apart from developing a world class SVC products for up to 300MVAr industrial and grid requirements.

The following products have been added to the offering baskets successfully deployed in the global market.

Static Var Systems
Ultra High Voltage, High power reactors
Acoustics and Magnetic prediction of High power reactors
Thyristor Valves and Contactors
Grid & Automation Systems ( SCADA)
High Current Power Transformers
Wave Traps
High Powered Active Harmonic Filters

We are presently working on an array of Electronic systems including high voltage, high power
STATCOM modules and Power Electronics for the Renewable energy systems.

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