Specia Application Reactor


1) Reactor packaged with tapings and Off Load
Tap Changer / Bypass switch:

We provide complete assembly of Reactors with off load tap changers or by pass switch connected by bus bars for reliable operation, mounted on rugged frame. This readymade assembly can be quickly installed on site by just making electrical terminations.

2) Diminishing “Q” Reactors
The “Q” factor of the system is defined as Q factor = Reactive Power / Active Power For Dry type reactor, the natural Q is higher. For special applications in high power consuming industries like Steel, for stability of the system frequency, we provide “Diminishing Q” rings atop the reactors which can be configured to the requisite lower Q level. This provides an economic alternative to paralleling resistors to reactors.

3) Reactor Shielding, Panel mounting, special fencings.
Since Air core reactors do not have magnetic core, air core reactors cause magnetic fields which induce thermal and electromagnetic stresses in vicinity. We specify the recommended magnetic clearances in our drawing.

Quality Power have developed special expertise to provide you solutions to address the issues of thermal & electromagnetic stresses surrounding the reactors.

Please contact us for applications related to reactor shielding, reactors mounted in panels with bus bars and properly engineered fencings for reactors which take care of issues related to thermal & electromagnetic stresses.

4) Different Mounting Positions :
We provide innovative mounting solutions to overcome problems related to space, special locations etc.

Quality Power provides the tailor made solutions for special applications of reactors. Please contact us with your detailed requirement to enable us serve you with out of box solutions on special applications.

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