Static Var Compensators


Quality Power, along with Endoks Energy systems Turkey undertakes complete turnkey solutions on Static Var Compensation.

SVC Systems are reactive power compensation and harmonic filtering systems developed to minimize the disturbing effects caused by fast varying reactive power , voltage variations and harmonics in electric Transmission / distribution system and industrial plants.
Switching events, faults, non-linear loads (power semiconductor based systems) and fast variation of active/reactive power demand from grid may lead to disturbing effects on power system.

SVC systems are implemented with specific circuit elements by considering the load characteristics and supply conditions.

Application Field :

Static VAr Compensation (SVC) systems are installed to fulfill the following technical requirements -

  • Dynamic reactive power compensation
  • Flicker reduction
  • Load balancing
  • Mitigation of harmonics
  • Dynamic voltage regulation
  • Increasing the system stability

SVC installation reap high economic benefits to following -

  • Distribution systems feeding disturbing loads such as electric arc/ladle furnaces (EAF/LF) and rolling mills.
  • Point of common coupling (PCC) of the renewable energy sources to the transmission-distribution system
  • Distribution systems feeding railway lines
  • Transformer substations feeding critical loads
  • Transmission lines.

Economical Benefits to Grids

  • Increase in energy efficiency
  • Increase in the quality of supplied energy of distribution companies.
  • Decrease in the active power losses due to the reactive power flow
  • Increase in the capacity of transmission and distribution systems.

Economic Benefits For Iron and Steel Industry

  • Reduces the tap-to-tap time.
  • Increases the transferred active power and production
  • Provides a stable operation by voltage regulation
  • Decreases the electrode consumption
  • Increases the lifetime of the furnace

SVC System Components :

  • SVC Control & Protection System
  • Thyristor Stacks
  • Water Cooling System
  • Shunt Reactor (TCR)
  • Transformer (TCT)
  • Harmonic Filter Reactors
  • Capacitor Banks
  • Other equipments such as Power Transformer, MV Switchgear, Measurement/Protection Transformers, Protection Relays, Remote Monitoring & Control Systems.

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